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Oh look, another gaming blog.

Young enough to know better, old enough not to give a damn.

I game, therefore I... er, game?
Computer games are serious business, as we all know, so I've dug up this old blog account and repurposed it as a space where I can discuss these terribly important activities.

I started off with an original Game Boy shortly after they were released, grew up on predominantly Nintendo and Sony consoles before expanding into PC gaming territory. Yes, I am an old fart. These days I'm less impressed by the current gen consoles, and so retro gaming and the PC scene are my current focus. The notable exception to this is the 3DS which I really enjoy playing about with. Haters to the left.

I'm insatiably curious about games and love to explore every aspect if I can. I also have high standards for gameplay and get bored with ill-thought out, repetetive or buggy mechanics. A good PC on a good internet connection means I'm willing to try anything that looks like I might get more than 5 minutes out of it if the price is right.

I can be found on Steam under the screen name of zendadaist.